Month: September 2020

Webinar Round-Up: Risk Identification Matrix Unveiled

S. Scott Seamands, partner at Lindquist von Husen & Joyce, LLP, and Julie Goldfine, COO/CFO at Mutual Housing California, revealed a risk identification matrix currently under development by our firm that serves as an information network for financial learning in the nonprofit affordable housing industry. After years of interviews and discussions with CFOs about their

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The Evolution of a CPA’s Career

The skills a CPA needs at the beginning of their career shifts over the years and depends heavily on the path chosen. Let’s a take a look at that shift as a CPA career progresses. Early Stages of a CPA’s Career In the beginning of a CPA’s career, the skills and expertise are developing and

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Pandemic Heightens Sustainable Affordable Housing Efforts

Since the PATH Act in 2015, no major federal legislation has come about to address massive shortages in affordable housing across the U.S. While the House and Senate introduced many bills   since then, legislation seems to die in committee or across the aisle. Much more legislation is enacted at the state level, but we know

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Five Ways to Add Inspiration to Your Accounting Career

Like anything in life, a career ebbs and flows. You go through stages where you feel invincible and ready to take on the world, but there are also those times where you may feel like you don’t have the same fire as when you started out. These are the times when being creative and proactive

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