Month: November 2022

US Capital Building

Tax Planning for The Inflation Reduction Act

The $740 billion Inflation Reduction Act signed into federal law in August 2022 contains many tax breaks while raising revenue through a new minimum tax on large, profitable corporations and an excise tax on stock buybacks. It is intended to reduce the U.S. deficit by about $300 billion. Other revenue would come from stricter enforcement

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Person tossing globe into air with water and rocky cliff behind it.

Benefits of a Great Internship Experience

An internship is like trying before you buy. It is probably why many professions encourage students to take internships before they graduate. The realities of day-to-day work experiences may reinforce your career decision or cause you to change majors. With that in mind, how can you make your internship a great one? Look for these

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Excited woman saying she landed her dream job

How to Land Your Dream Job

We get it. Looking for a job is not easy, especially if you want to find something with a stable outlook. You also want to see yourself working there long-term. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find your dream job and achieve the self-actualization that comes with attaining a fulfilling career? Consider where you

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