Month: May 2023

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Nonprofit Financial Management – Essential Stakeholder Communication

  Nonprofits have multiple stakeholders with varying needs and preferences for communication. Board members need consistent communication to focus on strategy and fiscal stewardship. Donors or members want updates on programming and activities, getting a sense that their investment in the organization is worthwhile. In some cases, there are also public and government stakeholders that

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Help the Homeless with Your Accounting Career

  When considering all the career options out there, accounting jobs can sometimes seem like they are all about managing money or helping the wealthy get wealthier. However, accounting is also about maintaining healthy balance sheets to support jobs as well as sustain funding for society’s most challenging social issues. In addition, proper accounting and

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Hiring? You may be eligible for a valuable tax credit, the WOTC

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, you may find that your generosity has its rewards. Both taxable and certain tax-exempt employers in the U.S. and certain territories can now take advantage of a new credit. If you need to hire, be aware of a valuable tax credit for employers hiring individuals from one or more targeted

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