Your Morning Routine Matters in Accounting Jobs

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The first 15 minutes after you wake up are the most significant minutes of your day, setting the pace for how you perform and respond to life and work.

A study on sleep inertia found that it can take up to two hours for the body to fully transition from sleep to alertness. Critical tasks right after waking can be impaired, such as checking email, driving or helping other people. The study pointed out that our natural sleep transition includes altered brain connectivity, lower body temperature and higher stress hormone levels.

To support the natural rhythm of the body from sleeping to waking, there are important things you can do with your morning routine. These tips can create more balance and harmony in your body and attitude. This is not just about your morning coffee, but we’ll get to that later!

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier

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A lot of people set an early alarm and then hit the snooze button. This isn’t a bad idea as long as you use that extra time wisely.
Rather than falling back to sleep, spend a few moments checking in with your mind and body. This is a good time for gentle stretching, deeper breathing and intentions of gratitude or positive thoughts.

If you fall asleep again, it’s ok, but try to allow yourself some wake-up time to avoid the ramping up of stress hormones.

Stretch and get outdoors

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Sunlight is a natural remedy for sleepiness. Step outside for a few moments on a sunny morning to soak in some vitamin D and take a few, deep breaths.

If you usually wake up before the sun rises, do some gentle stretching or take a short walk. This can be done around your home or outside if possible. If you have a dog, it’s a great excuse to be outside shortly after waking up!

If you like to exercise in the mornings, a 20-minute to 30-minute cardio or strength training routine has been shown to support wakefulness and improvement in blood flow as well as reduction in stress hormones. If you’re short on time and want to mix your cardio and strength training, then choose yoga!

Drink water first; eat breakfast later

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Drinking a glass of water right away in the morning supports your digestive tract and brain activity. Some medical experts say that water should be consumed before food and then in between meals (rather than with your meals) to maintain a healthy digestive system.
If you aren’t hungry or don’t have time to eat in the morning, then consider having your breakfast later in the morning. It is more important to make sure you are hydrated.

Is coffee considered hydration? It is. Unfortunately large amounts of coffee can cause dehydration due to the caffeine content. If you do not drink enough water throughout the day, and instead consume caffeinated drinks all day, it can lead to dehydration. This results in brain fog as well as sleepiness once the caffeine wears off.

Check your attitude

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As a public accountant, you require a high level of productivity and clear thinking. To achieve more success when working in accounting jobs, part of your morning routine should be about your attitude.

Do you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” Meaning, do you have negative thoughts about the early hour, your aches and pains or that deadline staring you down?

You can control your attitude faster than the circumstances of your life and the day ahead. From the moment you wake up, when your attitude is focused on doing the best you can and accepting the unexpected, this will improve your response to stress and your success.

In addition, your performance and your relations with co-workers will also improve. Even if other people are negative or demanding, you can maintain an inner calm that supports your health and performance.

Just as you wake up, set your attitude. Try saying, “I’m ok.” Then say, “I can handle what comes my way.” If you feel strange using positive affirmations, then write them on a notepad and leave them in your bathroom. That way, you can review your positive thoughts within 15 minutes of waking up.

Is a change of routine easy? New habits are hard at first. Choose one idea from this article and start there. Gradually, you can add new behaviors and activities that support your health and focus.

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