Month: May 2018

Important Tax Update for Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits

by Stanley Woo, CPA Due to the changes in the Federal tax law brought on by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the transportation fringe benefits provided by an employer to employees are no longer deductible by the employer. This change in the law will impact employers in the for-profit sector and surprisingly, employers

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Procurement procedures: Is your nonprofit really in compliance?

The relatively new federal procurement standards significantly alter the way not-for-profits receiving federal funding handle purchasing. And while your organization may have changed its written policies to comply with the revised standards, it may be easier to follow the rules on paper than in practice.   Summing up the standards The standards, “Uniform Administrative Requirements,

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Should your not-for-profit have an advisory board?

Chances are, your not-for-profit is governed by a board of directors. However, an informal advisory board can bring complementary — and valuable — skills and resources to this group. Enhance representation Look at the demographics and collective profile of your board members. Does it lack representation from certain groups — particularly relative to the communities

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