Month: February 2023

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Why You Should Get a Nonprofit Loan Right Now

There are many ways that not-for-profit organizations can finance their mission. Some of the following vehicles are very common: SBA loans and grants Nonprofit loan funds and grants Community development financing Bank or credit union loans and lines of credit Donor development and crowdfunding Donations and grants are the first line of defense in an

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Mental Health Check-In: Are You Okay?

It’s easy to get bogged down in your work and get stuck in a routine that does not include self-care and wellness. You may find yourself thinking about work when you’re not at work, leading to stress, bad eating habits or insomnia. External life pressures add to the mental burden. Can I afford the car

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Update to IRS Tax Relief for California Storm Victims

The Internal Revenue Service issued another announcement that updates and expands the relief period for California storm victims to file their tax returns and to make tax payments. Please see our previous article for more information! View Article The relief period now applies to filing deadlines and tax payments that fall on or after December

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What a difference six months can make

Did you know that you could help your family save money on their federal estate tax bill by asking your executor to choose an alternative valuation date? An alternate valuation date can reduce estate tax liability If you have money invested in the stock market, you’re well aware of potential volatility. Needless to say, this

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