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Accounting Jobs: Advisors Think Differently Than Technical Experts

Accounting managers, supervisors and partners need training to oversee a team and manage projects, but there is even more required when they serve clients. Unlike mastering technical procedures and processes, accountants who advance in their careers will be responsible for proactive advisory conversations with clients to support business growth and wealth preservation. There is training,

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3 Skills for Project Management in Public Accounting Jobs

A recent survey of B2B firms in six different industry groups revealed that high-growth firms value project management as the top skill among new hires. Investment in operational software is also happening more rapidly at high-growth firms to create efficiencies among smaller project teams. How can you be a more attractive candidate for high-growth, public

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12 Steps for Affordable Housing Accounting Promotions

Affordable housing accounting is more than just crunching numbers – it’s about providing homes, stability and opportunity to communities in need. This unique career path allows you to harmonize professional success with creating powerful social impact through programs like the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC). As you gain years of experience, you’ll develop a heightened

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Your Accounting Career Plan

Let’s talk about your accounting career. If you know what you want, how do you get there? If you’re already on a path, how do you change directions? When you have your goals at heart, it makes the journey much easier to assess. Let’s take it one step at a time. In this article, we’ll

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Public Accounting Jobs vs. Corporate: Pros and Cons

When obtaining your accounting degree or other related finance degree, you have options. One of those options is to work for a public accounting firm. You may also explore accounting careers within a business setting. As you consider your options for internships and accounting jobs, you should think about the best training opportunities that will

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Is Public Accounting a Good Career Move?

When thinking of a career transition, many people think that they must stay within the same industry. Not true. Whether you are a teacher, a healthcare administrator or a bookkeeper for a small business, you may have many transferable skills for a public accounting career. Accounting firms are also looking for more nonaccounting majors to

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How Accounting Firm Cultures are Changing

Fridays off. No more 80-hour work weeks. Hybrid and remote positions, even for audit work. Artificial intelligence and automation. This is not your grandmother’s CPA and advisory firm. The public accounting industry used to be among the most prestigious careers, and it still is in many parts of the world. But long hours, advancing technology

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Accounting Career Advancement

Professional service firms are often different in their approach to promotions. This is certainly true in accounting career advancement. Most, but not all, CPA firms offer internships, and they will hire from the intern pool. However, some firms start with a pool of first-year staff who must complete training and performance requirements before they advance

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What are Public Accounting Specializations?

When you are building a public accounting career, it may seem that the only two choices for technical specialization are tax or audit. However, there are many ways that you can add skills, gain certifications and advance your career. You may notice that other public accountants carry different credentials behind their names besides, or in

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Culture of Learning: Preparing for a Board Presentation

Among the top concerns of nonprofit boards is how to maintain resiliency through economic pressures. As an auditor, accounting or tax professional preparing a presentation for a nonprofit board, it is important to discuss financial narratives through the wider lens of resiliency. If the nonprofit is part of a highly regulated industry, this is another

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Ethics for Public Accounting Jobs: Protect Your Reputation

Public accountants play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of their clients’ financial reporting. However, they often face ethical dilemmas when confronted with conflicting interests or client requests that could compromise their professional integrity. Here are some ethical areas to bear in mind for your accounting career and why they are important

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Help the Homeless with Your Accounting Career

  When considering all the career options out there, accounting jobs can sometimes seem like they are all about managing money or helping the wealthy get wealthier. However, accounting is also about maintaining healthy balance sheets to support jobs as well as sustain funding for society’s most challenging social issues. In addition, proper accounting and

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These 4 Technology Trends are Shaping Future Accounting Jobs

The accounting industry is experiencing advancements in digital automation and AI tools. These technologies are applied to increase efficiency, support proactive advisory guidance and improve data security. As you explore your career in accounting or the next stage of your accounting management opportunities, these technologies are already redefining and adapting job descriptions. The future for

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Mental Health Check-In: Are You Okay?

It’s easy to get bogged down in your work and get stuck in a routine that does not include self-care and wellness. You may find yourself thinking about work when you’re not at work, leading to stress, bad eating habits or insomnia. External life pressures add to the mental burden. Can I afford the car

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5 Email Don’ts When Submitting Your Resume

You know it’s important to make a good impression through your resume and in the interview process, right? But did you know that you must also impress employers throughout your email correspondence? To develop your career, you need to master the art of correspondence. Here are email tips about professional etiquette and 5 things you

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Social Media Tips to Enhance Your Career

Social media is changing all the time, and using it well is important for your career. Why? Employers and clients will review social media channels to learn about you. This can happen before job interviews or an engagement. Your social profiles should be professional, but also interesting to a potential employer or a new client.

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Benefits of a Great Internship Experience

An internship is like trying before you buy. It is probably why many professions encourage students to take internships before they graduate. The realities of day-to-day work experiences may reinforce your career decision or cause you to change majors. With that in mind, how can you make your internship a great one? Look for these

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How to Land Your Dream Job

We get it. Looking for a job is not easy, especially if you want to find something with a stable outlook. You also want to see yourself working there long-term. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find your dream job and achieve the self-actualization that comes with attaining a fulfilling career? Consider where you

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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Career

There are plenty of opportunities for accounting career development here at LvHJ. When you’re in a rut or you feel like you’ve been doing the same thing for far too long, you can always make a change for the better. It all starts from within. Whether you are a seasoned professional or an intern just

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What Do I Need for My Office Space?

Here in California, our style is all about comfort, soft neutrals, natural materials and bringing the outdoors inside. The same is true for cool office spaces. Whether you are a public accountant in California or working remotely in another state, you might be wondering how to change up your office space. Does your work area

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What to Wear to the Interview (Including Remote Options)

Experienced accounting professionals seeking a career opportunity in the San Francisco Bay area are wondering: in this era of hybrid interviews, what do I wear in-person vs. on camera? Should you dress differently when interviewing remotely?  Here are our tips for dressing professionally and excluding distractions when interviewing in-person and remotely to help land you

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Wondering what to include on your resume?

Your resume is your go or no-go qualifier for any job you apply for. Of course, there are others tests to pass once you submit your resume, but the first gate you will need to pass is the resume test. As a prospective candidate, you want to know what you should include on your resume

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6 Ways Giving Back to the Community Can Enhance Your Life

There are many benefits to joining an association. When you work for LvHJ, you are also encouraged to become a member of any number of nonprofit associations to help grow your career which allows you to give back to the community at the same time. Since we are Professionals for Good, we are always looking

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How Public Speaking Can Advance Your Accounting Career

Accountants have to present information all the time, and they need to do it with confidence to represent the firm well. This is best exemplified through public speaking as a means of delivering information concisely and informatively. This also shows authority in your delivery. You need good speaking skills to: Be credible in front of

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Choosing the Best CPA Firm for You

Knowing what you want in a CPA firm goes a long way toward helping you make the decision as to which firm you’d like to work for. And it’s a hard decision to make. You want to find a position that comes with job security, provides you a living wage and works with your schedule

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Internship Etiquette for Your Accounting Career

Congratulations, you have landed that all important career-starter: an internship at a CPA firm! Being selected over others means that the firm sees some potential in you. Now your task is to learn as much as you can in this real-time test of skills, attitude and fortitude. How can you make the most of this

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Don’t Skip the Soft Skills

Soft skills, sometimes referred to as interpersonal communications skills, relate to how well a person interacts with others. Up to now, the majority of your professional educational efforts have probably been razor-focused on hard skill, fact-based learning.  For certain, mad-fast calculator skills and the ability to craft the perfect pivot table are awesome technical feats.

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