5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Career

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There are plenty of opportunities for accounting career development here at LvHJ. When you’re in a rut or you feel like you’ve been doing the same thing for far too long, you can always make a change for the better. It all starts from within.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an intern just starting out, here are five ways you can get more out of your career – and you will feel more fulfilled, too!

1. Start a Club

Are there clubs where you currently work? Take the plunge and join a group of individuals who share your interests. Even if a few foodies meet during lunch to discover local restaurants, you could develop this into a weekly, guided food tour or group cooking classes.

Start a new group yourself! This could be a run/walk club, a movie club, gardening group or art lovers club – it’s up to you and your fellow members. You’ll make friends and find a sense of unity at work.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is its own reward. Giving back and donating your time helps lift the weight of the week from your shoulders. Use your accounting skills and flex those mental muscles.

Where do you start? Show your mother-in-law or nephew how to do taxes. Volunteer on a college campus with a finance club. Teach at the local community center or through community education. Help build a house or organize food at a pantry. All of this volunteering builds your comfort level with public speaking and networking.

Become a role model at work and in your community. Get out there and volunteer!

3. Take a Class

Chances are, there are leadership and business development classes you can take right down the road. If nothing strikes your fancy locally, try searching for a class online. Your firm may also reimburse you for improving these soft skills as part of continuing professional education (CPEs).

Get out of your comfort zone and try a creative writing class, guitar lessons or martial arts. You never know who you might meet who could become a client or point you to a client.

4. Train a Colleague

Mentor or train someone at work. When you teach, you’re retraining your brain to look at old information in a new light. It helps you retain information better, too!

It doesn’t need to take a lot of time, and it shows you care about your colleagues (or that intern who seems to be a little uncertain). Show someone how to add a particular formula to a spreadsheet that they hadn’t thought to use before or recommend a free tool to them.

These interactions can spark ideas and suggestions you could make to improve processes around the office.

5. Make a Suggestion

It’s hard to put yourself out there and offer a suggestion at the risk of looking silly or possibly even suggesting something that’s already come up in conversations once or twice. Don’t sweat it! If you have ideas, don’t be afraid to give them a voice and make them real.

Contribute suggestions on a regular basis. Don’t feel pigeonholed into only doing your job and then going home. If you see a better way to do things, share it with your team. People who actively contribute to improving a firm are viewed as potential leaders, which gives them bigger opportunities for career advancement than those who don’t speak up.

We hope these tips were helpful. If you have additional suggestions, share them on LinkedIn and tag us! We’re always looking for new ways to improve ourselves and help our team members enjoy their careers here at LvHJ.

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