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Trusted Advisor for Your Secure Future

Providing innovative tax solutions and accurate tax preparation techniques can have a profound effect on your personal and business financial performance. The wide range of tax compliance and planning services at LvHJ for individuals and families or family-owned businesses are designed to maximize tax savings, minimize your risk, provide you with peace of mind, and plan for the future.

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Personalized services to address your needs

LvHJ provides support to executives, owners, entrepreneurs and family members connected to complex businesses and investments for their various tax needs, including:

  • Structuring and tax treatment of real estate holdings
  • Buying, selling or exchange of assets
  • Consulting on:
    • Gift and estate planning
    • Business succession
    • Other individual planning

Our work with younger family members has supported timely and successful business and wealth transfers as well as optimal management of their assets and investments. We also support multi-tiered, non-family partnerships with tax, compliance and other financial consulting.

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