Day: June 17, 2018

Make The Most of Your Fundraising with Simple Metrics

The amount of money your not-for-profit raises in fundraising campaigns is meaningful, but so is how efficiently you’re able to raise it. Such costs can be measured using two metrics: Cost ratio and return on investment (ROI). Let’s take a look. Find a formula These two metrics can be used to evaluate both fundraising activities

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Four Things to Increase Employee Loyalty

Attracting quality employees is a tough challenge. And despite assumptions, money is not a motivating factor for employees, especially if other aspects of their job are unsatisfying or even toxic. With sufficient pay and benefits as a baseline, employees actively select workplaces for more personal reasons. They will also stay longer when those personal needs

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Modern Donors are Changing Fundraising

A recent survey of almost 1,500 donors from all generations found that only 9 percent factored direct mail into their decision to support a charity. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported in April that all of the donors surveyed had made a gift to a charity that they hadn’t previously supported. They were asked about how

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