Four Things to Increase Employee Loyalty

Attracting quality employees is a tough challenge. And despite assumptions, money is not a motivating factor for employees, especially if other aspects of their job are unsatisfying or even toxic.

With sufficient pay and benefits as a baseline, employees actively select workplaces for more personal reasons. They will also stay longer when those personal needs are met.

The Nonprofit Times reported in May that neuroscientists are now mapping out the ideal conditions that help the human brain thrive and operate effectively. Based on that research, here are four of the top conditions that employers can focus on now to create a workplace that employees love. These tips aren’t surprising, but they can get overlooked in the interests of productivity and performance measures

  1. Opportunities for closer employee relationship Get out of the office and spend time together as a team in a social or volunteering environment. Done well, these activities build trust among employees, which is a key ingredient to a healthy workplace.
  2. Meaning and purpose If employees start to question their value to an organization, it’s only a matter of time before they start seeking another job. Being connected to the vision and mission of an organization is defined by employees who believe they contribute to something greater than themselves — whether that’s a team or a cause.
  3. Maintain enough challenge Nothing is worse than boredom to high performers. If they aren’t learning and growing in their role — or don’t see opportunities for promotion to the next level of their careers — their only option is to move on.
  4. Give authority to contribute Micromanagement and dismissal of new ideas is a deal breaker for younger and mid-career employees. Provide opportunities for leadership. Allow employees to research and take some calculated risks to drive innovation and growth. Their ideas may be just the thing your organization needs to inspire meaning and challenge for other employees.

Source: The Nonprofit Times

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