5 Ideas to Start Your Remote Job the Right Way

Man working from home participating in a Zoom call.

Between co-workers, managers, projects and a different culture from your previous workplace, the transition to a new job can be difficult—even in the best of times.

For employees who start a new job remotely, it can be a daunting task to get up to speed on processes, expectations and collaboration.

By communicating and proactively showing interest, you can help streamline the onboarding process and team development in your new role. Try these things to make a great first impression with your colleagues in a remote or hybrid work setting.

Talk with your manager before you start.  

As a new employee, you have license to ask for a fair amount of help. In addition to discussing what onboarding might look like, the days ahead of your start date are the ideal time to get a preview of the projects you will be involved in, and with whom you will be working. Your manager wants you to succeed, so use all available resources to learn about the lay of the land before you start.

Spending even a short amount of time looking over webinars, slide decks, professional courses, reports or other documents related to your new job can be key to getting up to speed quickly. But you may need to ask for these materials, so contact your manager ahead of time. If you give proper notice, people will likely be more than willing to assist you. Doing so will make you appear organized and a self-starter.

Ask how the team likes to communicate.

In your conversation with your manager before your start date, ask how the team stays in contact. Do they prefer email, text, Slack, phone calls, FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype? The options are extensive, and not knowing the preferred method is an easy fix—just ask. Communication is always vital, but never more so than when working remotely.

Meet with your manager on a regular basis. 

Even if you are a go-it-alone type of person, request, at a minimum, a weekly meeting with your manager for the first couple of months. If this is the first job you have started remotely, you may be surprised how much information you picked up before by just being in the office. Give yourself a chance to acclimate.

In addition to learning the nuances of your role, regular meetings with your manager will help you build the relationship. Becoming comfortable with your supervisor leads to career empowerment. It will help you find your groove as an employee.

Your first day only happens once. Take advantage of it with these tips!

Get to know your colleagues. 

When everyone has their own, remote break room, you’ll need new ways to get to know people. Attend virtual happy hours or other social activities hosted by your employer or clients. Try making small talk at the beginning or end of team meetings.

These situations can sometimes feel odd, especially with people you do not know. However, engaging with your colleagues in these ways will help them get a sense that you’re interested in them and the workplace.

Be patient and stay proactive.

Starting a job remotely is not an easy task, and your colleagues understand you are facing a challenging situation. It is important to be patient with yourself as you adapt to this new chapter in your life.

Remember that you will not be expected to know everything from day one—or even day 10. If you need assistance in your work, communicate! Working remotely does not mean working alone.

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