IRS Balance Due Notice Update

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Attention California Storm Victims

If you received an IRS CP14 notice in the mail, please disregard any information pertaining to balances due within 21 days. Tax payments are not due until October 16 for qualifying California storm victims per the federal and states disaster relief provisions.

The IRS acknowledges the error and sent this follow-up notice: 

“The IRS reassures California taxpayers that they continue to have an automatic extension until later this year to file and pay their taxes for those covered by disaster declarations in the state. The current mailings being received by some taxpayers, the IRS Notice CP14, are for taxpayers who have a balance due, and they are sent out as a legal requirement. While the notice received by taxpayers says they need to pay in 21 days, most California taxpayers have until later this year to pay under the disaster declaration. These letters include a special insert that notes the payment date listed in the letter does not apply to those covered by a disaster declaration, and the disaster dates remain in effect. The IRS apologizes to taxpayers and tax professionals for any confusion as we continue to review the situation. Taxpayers receiving these letters do not need to call the IRS or their tax professional.”

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you receive additional notifications from the IRS regarding your tax situation.

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