Long Term Partnership for Bay Area Developer and CPA Firm

The relationship between Resources for Community Development (RCD) and Lindquist, von Husen & Joyce, LLP (LvHJ) goes way back. So far in fact, that Kate McKean, Controller for RCD, doesn’t recall a time without LvHJ by their side. The Bay Area developer of sustainable, affordable housing has been an advocate for seniors, low wage working families and individuals with special needs for almost 35 years. Working with a CPA firm who is also a member of the community was a natural fit.

The partnerships for RCD’s Bay Area developments can require complex tax work to ensure that low income housing credits are taken correctly. If done incorrectly, it could result in a loss of future deals which would prohibit RCD from accomplishing their mission in the community. With LvHJ, they don’t feel that they ever need to worry and with them, there are no surprises.

“It’s a specialized niche industry with complicated rules. The consequences of a misstep are heavy,” explained Kate McKean. “LvHJ is extremely knowledgeable about the industry as a whole, as well as the local regulations. We appreciate their proficiency and can rely on them to safeguard the interests of our organization and our investors.” 

Growing Business Relations

McKean also appreciates that LvHJ adds value to their relationship with frequent educational events, a newsletter, and other resources on their website. RCD has taken advantage of these opportunities to stay informed and develop their relationships with their contacts in the firm.

“LvHJ is a partner for us. They advise us on critical matters that affect the financial position of our business,” McKean says. “I can pick up the phone and get answers, no matter what the issue is. They are a trusted advisor and that’s something you can’t buy. It’s a long-term relationship with people who have integrity and care for others and the community.”

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