Position: Managers

Variana Wijaya, Tax Manager at LvHJ

Variana Wijaya, EA

Variana Wijaya, EA is a Tax Manager with over 10 years of experience in providing tax compliance services to partnerships, trusts, estates, high-net-worth individuals and non-profits. She also has a background in tax litigation support. She started her tax career with one of the Big Four accounting firms which specialized in hedge funds and private

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Lillee Torres, Audit Manager at LvHJ

Lillee Torres

Lillee Torres is conscientious and meticulous, and she always tries her best to overdeliver for her clients and her team. She came to LvHJ in 2015 to start and pursue a career in audit.  As Audit Manager, she brings over 11 years of experience in bookkeeping and auditing to the firm and now oversees all

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Thea Edolsa Chau, Audit Manger

Thea Edolsa-Chau

Thea Edolsa-Chau is an audit manager with over ten years of experience in external auditing. Her areas of expertise are affordable housing, regional centers, and not-for-profit organizations. Prior to joining LvHJ, Thea worked at one of the Big Four accounting firms and held a management position in a private industry in Manila, Philippines for six

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Victor Villalobos, Senior Audit Manager at LvHJ

Victor Villalobos, CPA

Victor Villalobos, CPA joined LvHJ in 2023 after working in audit and assurance for over six years. As Senior Audit Manager, he brings a strong work ethic and depth of research experience to the firm and now provides leadership and oversight of audit execution. He offers a special skillset for not-for-profits, for-profits and government entities

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Jennifer Cabania portrait photo

Jennifer Cabania

Jennifer Cabania was looking for a fresh career challenge when she joined LvHJ in 2019 to serve as an audit supervisor. She was promoted to her current role in 2022 to lead and oversee our Client Accounting and Advisory Services (CAS+). Managing the CAS+ team in San Francisco and the Philippines, she brings a deep

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Marione Mangalili, Audit Manager at LvHJ

Marione Mangalili

Marione Mangalili has been working in public accounting since 2012. She works closely with clients from different industries including logistics, affordable housing and not for profit organizations to help them adhere to applicable accounting standards including GAAP and IFRS. Her experiences also include audits of employee benefit plans [401(k) and 403(b)]. She joined LvHJ because

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Photo of Andy Ou, CPA, Tax Manager

Andy Ou, CPA

Andy Ou, CPA started in public accounting in 2010. He establishes strong relationships with his clients to better understand their business goals and needs, or individual tax situations. With this in mind, Andy continuously stays up-to-date on any changes that may be affecting his client’s tax situations or business goals. The relationship that he builds

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Margaret Cruz, CPA, Senior Audit Manager

Margaret Cruz, CPA

Margaret Cruz, CPA has 18 years of experience in public accounting. She works closely with not-for-profit organizations to help them maintain funding by ensuring city and state compliance. Prior to joining LvHJ, she focused on Housing and Urban Development (HUD) mortgage bankers and private lending. As a senior audit manager, Margaret is an intermediary between

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photo portrait of Joe Li, CPA, Senior Audit Manager

Joe Li, CPA

Joe Li, CPA has over 10 years of experience in public accounting. His areas of expertise include affordable housing developers, real estate partnerships, property management companies, upper-tier investment funds, not-for-profit organizations and tax-credit cost certifications. Prior to joining LvHJ, Joe developed his specialization in the real estate industry and assisted clients in a wide variety of industries,

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